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Wedding season is in full swing, and lots of you will be attending multiple celebrations in the next few months.  Finding unique and meaningful gifts for so many lovely newlyweds is quite a daunting task.  When you find yourself asking, “But what do I give them…?”, remember, you can never go wrong with something off of their registry.  The couple has (hopefully) taken the time and care to register for the things that they truly need and will use to build a life together.  But what if nothing on the list seems personal or exciting enough?  Or what if you are attending multiple events for the same couple or really want to get them a little something extra?  While a fantastic serving dish or candle holders personally sends me over the moon, something more sentimental never goes unappreciated.

My FAVORITE gift to give a newlywed couple is a complete set of “Bride’s Tree Ornaments”.  It is an old German tradition to give a newlywed couple a set of twelve very specific ornaments to bring them health and happiness in their new lives together.  These ornaments are the perfect way to show your love and best wishes for the couple, and will make them think of you when they unwrap them every year.  Giving a gift that starts a tradition in a new family is such a sweet sentiment, and you won’t have to worry if another guest already got it for them- bonus!


The set includes the following ornaments:

Angel – God’s Guidance in the Home

Rose – Beauty and Affection

Rabbit – Hope and Faith

Teapot – Hospitality

Pine Cone – Motherhood and Fruitfulness

Santa Claus – Unselfishness and Goodwill

House – Shelter and Protection

Fruit Basket – Generosity

Bird – Happiness and Joy

Flower Basket – Good Wishes

Heart – True Love

Fish – Christ’s Blessing

***Modern ornament sets will often include:

Star–  a traditional symbol of guidance and usually replaces the angel or the church ornament, especially when a non-religious set is desired.

Boat – the ability to sail through the waters of life. It wishes that the couple will be able to weather both the rough times and the smooth.

Bell – blessing of joy and merriment on the couple.

Carrot – realizing good food nurtures not only the body, but the soul as well, this ornament wishes the couple good luck in the kitchen.

Group of Colored Balls – this is not a series of separate balls, but one ornament made up of separate balls bound together. This ornament represents the diversity of the world and wishes the couple not only receives but also shows tolerance.

A Bunch of Grapes – this gift symbolizes friendship and wishes the couple many close friends and acquaintances.


teapotornament     santaornatment

Companies like Inge-glas sell the sets together in nice boxes for storage, but I love the process of collecting the pieces individually.  Glass, wood, and needle-point versions of the ornaments are all able to be purchased or made by hand if you’re feeling crafty. Personally, I love the look of mixing all types for a set.  Any way that you put it together, the couple will surely appreciate the time and thought that you put into the gift. Be sure to include a nicely typed list of each ornament’s meaning for them to reference each holiday season.

Like the idea of an ornament but not the whole sentimental set?  Opt for an ornament with the couples’ new monogram or their wedding date!


Happy gift giving! Thanks for reading!

***Ciao Cheri***


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