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Happy Wedding Wednesday! There are so many beautiful and inspirational images out there in the bridal world, and starting today I will be compiling a list of my current favorites for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully these pretties are a welcome distraction to get you through the midweek doldrums.

image (21)


(Clockwise from top left…)

1. BHLDN carries some of my favorite bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. I adore this lace panel back dress. It such a lovely detail that will look so special in your photos…much better than a zipper, don’t you think?

2. Corn hole is one of my favorite activities at outdoor gatherings. The game is a fun and easy way for your guests to interact and pass the time that you and your wedding party need to slip away for photos. And a custom set with the couple’s initials is a fun and unexpected twist. It would also make for a fantastic gift that the couple can enjoy for years to come!

3. Beautiful and wild looking flowers in a similar color palette can enhance a lounge area for guests.

4. Taller ladies like myself (or shorter grooms, for that matter) appreciate a pair of flats that are just as stunningly gorgeous and jeweled as all of those spectacular bridal heels out there. These are the best I’ve seen so far! Aren’t the jaw-droppingly beautiful! I’ve saved this image everywhere…I can’t get enough of them!

5. A simple and seasonally appropriate invitation to celebrate with the couple as they “tie the knot” at a summer wedding!

6. I put this bouquet together for a darling bride this past weekend. Grocery store flowers for a bride on a budget can look just as polished and special as an expensive bouquet from a florist. And when created by a friend, your bouquet is hand-tied with love!

7. A 4th of July rehearsal dinner is a chic, simple, and perfect way to celebrate the holiday and nuptials with all of your favorite people!

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HOW TO…Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

One of my mom’s dear friends is getting married next weekend in a small ceremony at one of my favorite venues in the Bay Area, Kohl Mansion, in Burlingame, CA.  It also happens to be the school where the bride, the groom, and my mom have all worked.  My mom, knowing that they were two of the sweetest people she had ever met, decided that they would do well as a couple and set them up.  Boy was she was right!  They were a perfect match and make a beautiful couple.  They are keeping the festivities low key, and are putting together the wedding party’s flowers themselves.  I shared with the bride a couple of sites I always reference when putting bouquets together…a skill a I am still trying to hone.

If you don’t yet have an idea of what flowers you would like to use, or even what style of bouquet you would like, pop on over to Burnett’s Boards for a beautifully illustrated guide to several classic styles of bouquets.  Since I stumbled across this post I’ve been obsessed with Sarah Park Designs, and can’t wait to order some of her designs for my inspiration and color in my work space.


Aren’t they gorgeous?  And they look exactly like very current, on trend bridal bouquets.  Have a look at this tremendously helpful guide here.

Once you know what style you like or what flowers are available to use, I suggest A Practical Wedding‘s helpful “How-To’s “.  They have compiled easy- no, seriously, easy- step by step instructions to put together oversized wedding bouquets, simple wedding bouquetsfloral crowns for you, your bridesmaids, or flower girls, centerpieces, and tablescapes.  They have dozens of other how-to guides to help you put together the wedding of your dreams without hiring big ticket vendors.


The Knot also has a quick tutorial on how to create a simple boutonniere.


I am a firm believer that the simplest bouquets can be the most beautiful.  I suggest grabbing some inexpensive flowers from the grocery store and practicing in the weeks leading up to wedding- no need to break a sweat stressing over floral wire the morning of your big day!

Don’t forget to stop and smell those roses!!!  Thanks for reading!


Nifty Gifty

Wedding season is in full swing, and lots of you will be attending multiple celebrations in the next few months.  Finding unique and meaningful gifts for so many lovely newlyweds is quite a daunting task.  When you find yourself asking, “But what do I give them…?”, remember, you can never go wrong with something off of their registry.  The couple has (hopefully) taken the time and care to register for the things that they truly need and will use to build a life together.  But what if nothing on the list seems personal or exciting enough?  Or what if you are attending multiple events for the same couple or really want to get them a little something extra?  While a fantastic serving dish or candle holders personally sends me over the moon, something more sentimental never goes unappreciated.

My FAVORITE gift to give a newlywed couple is a complete set of “Bride’s Tree Ornaments”.  It is an old German tradition to give a newlywed couple a set of twelve very specific ornaments to bring them health and happiness in their new lives together.  These ornaments are the perfect way to show your love and best wishes for the couple, and will make them think of you when they unwrap them every year.  Giving a gift that starts a tradition in a new family is such a sweet sentiment, and you won’t have to worry if another guest already got it for them- bonus!


The set includes the following ornaments:

Angel – God’s Guidance in the Home

Rose – Beauty and Affection

Rabbit – Hope and Faith

Teapot – Hospitality

Pine Cone – Motherhood and Fruitfulness

Santa Claus – Unselfishness and Goodwill

House – Shelter and Protection

Fruit Basket – Generosity

Bird – Happiness and Joy

Flower Basket – Good Wishes

Heart – True Love

Fish – Christ’s Blessing

***Modern ornament sets will often include:

Star–  a traditional symbol of guidance and usually replaces the angel or the church ornament, especially when a non-religious set is desired.

Boat – the ability to sail through the waters of life. It wishes that the couple will be able to weather both the rough times and the smooth.

Bell – blessing of joy and merriment on the couple.

Carrot – realizing good food nurtures not only the body, but the soul as well, this ornament wishes the couple good luck in the kitchen.

Group of Colored Balls – this is not a series of separate balls, but one ornament made up of separate balls bound together. This ornament represents the diversity of the world and wishes the couple not only receives but also shows tolerance.

A Bunch of Grapes – this gift symbolizes friendship and wishes the couple many close friends and acquaintances.


teapotornament     santaornatment

Companies like Inge-glas sell the sets together in nice boxes for storage, but I love the process of collecting the pieces individually.  Glass, wood, and needle-point versions of the ornaments are all able to be purchased or made by hand if you’re feeling crafty. Personally, I love the look of mixing all types for a set.  Any way that you put it together, the couple will surely appreciate the time and thought that you put into the gift. Be sure to include a nicely typed list of each ornament’s meaning for them to reference each holiday season.

Like the idea of an ornament but not the whole sentimental set?  Opt for an ornament with the couples’ new monogram or their wedding date!


Happy gift giving! Thanks for reading!

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Inspiration: Croquembouche

I love a good donut.  Not all donuts, mind you.  Chocolate glazed and a few others, from a donut shop, not from a grocery store.  I try not to let myself have them too often, but while indulging in one this morning, I got to thinking about what a fun addition they would make to a dessert table!  Large and intricate wedding cakes can be insanely expensive, and the left overs go to waste.  Why not instead present your guests with the option of several types of donuts, or even better, the ever chic and tasty CROQUEMBOUCHE!


The croquembouche is the traditional French wedding cake and is made of stacked creme puffs (or donut holes if that’s your fancy).  The magic that holds it all together?  Caramel.  YUM.  They can be topped off with chocolate, powdered sugar, or ideally with spun sugar, which cascades down and around it for a delicate, almost ethereal look.  I am always mesmerized by French chefs on television spinning sugar and draping it over the top of these towering beauties.

croq3     croq2

You can add flowers (real or edible), ribbon, frosting, almost anything to match your color scheme.  When it comes time to “cut the cake”, the bride and groom can simply pull out a piece to feed each other…easy!


I dream of a croquembouche made of puff pastries from Pacific Puffs in San Francisco.  Seriously, they are TOO good.  And, YES, they do weddings!

Think you can’t doll up a donut?  The truly inspired team over at Oh Happy Day (one of my daily must-reads) put together a “Fancy Donut Party”, and show exactly how to best showcase the sweet treat on your dessert table.  Click over to their blog to see how easy it is!


Considering a late night snack for your guests who stay to dance the night away?  Donuts and coffee are a perfect pick me up for the drive home!  Bonus:  You don’t need to supply an additional set of dessert dishes!  Isn’t finger food the best?!

Thanks for reading and bon appetit!     photo (5)

***Ciao Cheri***

J. Crew Summer Sale

You may have heard that J. Crew is having their summer sale, but did you know that it applies to their wedding fashion as well? I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to apply the promo code “SUMMER” to one of my favorite bridal gowns, and even after tax, it was still under $500! You can outfit yourself, your lovely ladies, and your flower girls for a fraction of the cost! Wedding miracles do exist! But hurry, the sale ends tomorrow.

*This is not a sponsored post, I just love a good sale!




Love is Like Linen…

As the weather warms, I already find myself opting for the lightest weight clothing in my closet.  I love the casual elegance of a nice pair of linen trousers, and adore the way the fabric looks in table settings and around the house.  Linen has been a staple in homes around the world throughout history.  For such a traditional fabric, you seem to see it used mostly in “boho-chic” clothing styles these days, but I’ve set out to find more classic looks in the bridal world.  It baffles me that there aren’t more styles out there for brides.  It could be due to the fear of the fabric wrinkling, but there are so many weaves available now that eliminate that issue.  ***Click on the images below to shop the looks.***


This is one of my absolute favorite wedding gowns.  The bride found the antique french linen and took it to Sarah Treble to create her dream dress. A custom, timeless silhouette in an antique, cool, breathable fabric?  That’s a bridal grand slam.

linendress2            linendress3

The gown on the left is contemporary, has a bit of shimmer and shine in the beaded top, and has straps and a full skirt which make it easy and comfortable to wear.

The stunning little white dress on the right, with its intricate linen lace and beautiful stitching, would be perfect option for your reception, rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

linen dresss1        linenbow

This simple linen dress would be darling for a backyard, beach or brunch reception, complemented by a beautiful linen sash tied into a sweet bow.

linenbridesmaiddress2     linenbridesmaiddress3          linenbridesmaiddress

For the lovely ladies standing by your side on the big day, opt for linen dresses to keep them cool and unrestricted, so they can run around handling those last minute details and show off their famous moves on the dance floor.

You can also find gifts for your wedding party or a gift for the bride in this durable fabric, monogrammed for a personal touch.

linenlingeriebag      linenmonogrammedbag      linenbridesmaidbags

Shakespeare once wrote “Love is like linen; often changed, the sweeter.”  While I don’t quite agree with the later sentiment, I do believe that linen is a lot like love…it is beautiful, comes in lots of different forms, and gets even more comfortable with time.

Thanks for reading!

***Ciao Cheri***

But what to wear…?

I adore three day weekends.  This past Memorial Day weekend, with friends, family, barbecues, hiking and laying out on the beach, was really one for the books.  The part that I always manage to forget, after blissfully sauntering back into my work week, is that I have five days worth of work to finish in just four!  Any sense of calm or relaxation that I managed to achieve over the weekend goes right out the window.  This week was no exception.  I’m putting my nose to the grindstone today, and need a COMFORTABLE and rather conservative outfit to get me through my work day and into my long awaited evening at Unveiled San Francisco.  This outfit should carry me through from day to evening, simply by switching out my shoes and jewelry.

banananecklace (4)2.

womensnavyblazer3. bananagoldnecklace4.

jcrewflat         5.  jcrewbeigeheel6.

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6.

*A little tip for those of you making the rounds at wedding shows- whenever I attend a bridal event, I try to dress as though I’m attending a wedding at the venue where it’s being hosted.

Next week, we will unveil a Pinterest board of wedding guest attire.  Tomorrow, we will recap a bit of tonight’s event.  Stay tuned!

***Ciao Cheri***



Hello loves!

Welcome to Five Sisters Bridal!  Stay tuned this week as we get this new blog up and rolling.  We will be discussing gorgeous bridal trends we can’t get enough of,  great resources and events for brides in the planning process (or those soon to be engaged), as well as covering industry events that we attend- all to bring you the best of what’s new and timeless in the bridal world!

We are gearing up to attend Unveiled: Bridal Style Revealed in San Francisco tomorrow.  We can’t wait to meet exciting new vendors, get inspired by beautiful decor and table settings, and of course, to view Vera Wang’s Spring 2014 Bridal collection.  Sipping champagne and eating cake won’t be too bad either (wink, wink).  We will be live tweeting the whole thing!

Be sure to follow us on twitter to see what’s inspiring us and visit back here for your daily dose of gorgeous.